TEAM500 Roofing LLC

Welcome to TEAM500 Roofing LLC!

Welcome to TEAM500 Roofing LLC.

TEAM500 is owned and operated by Willie Plank.

Born and raised Amish.

Prides himself with the qualities he was able to bring forth from his Amish heritage.

Born in Minnesota.

Raised in Iowa.

He learned his dedication to hard work and community values, since his childhood.

Doing daily chores, before heading off to school.

Helping his dear mother pulling weeds and gathering the fruits in the garden, and helping her in the house, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning windows, laundry, canning foods, processing meats from cutting it off the bones, grinding it into hamburger, steaks, summer sausage, etc.

To plowing and working up 30 acres of farm ground with a single bottom-horse drawn plow, and other horse drawn​ equipment, and putting up a couple thousand square bales in the first year out of school at the age of 14 and 15.

Then to go on and help his Dad and older brothers doing construction work, was it building pole sheds, hoop buildings, roofing, siding, remodeling, pouring concrete, etc.

Then to go on to bust a sweat working in a sawmill-cutting and stacking lumber.

The roaring sound of big engines, and humming sound of the big saws and equipment, and the smooth sailing of everything ‘’due to great management’’ motivated and inspired him to learn more about life.

Leading up to leaving the religion.

Then working at multiple different places, involving from construction, building pole sheds, garages, and a lot of remodeling, to working on the oil rigs, to finding a great passion connecting with and training horses, to owning and operating a residential roofing company in Iowa for a number of years, to moving to Texas working on a ranch, working with horses and cattle, and now on to owning and operating TEAM500 Roofing LLC.

He gives a lot of credit to his parents and his Amish heritage, raising him in a ‘’simple world’’ and passing down to him a great foundation of community and cultural values.

We at TEAM500 Roofing LLC believe:





We strive to serve our customers and community with utmost attention to detail, hope, peace of mind, and hospitality!

We provide and install the best quality commercial and residential roofing systems in the market.

We believe an educated home owner and/or business owner will be empowered to go forth and do greater things with-out fear and doubt.

You will know what’s on your roof.

You will be able to confidently take the information from the bottom to the top of your roof structure to your insurance company.


* Owens Corning Duration Architectural Shingles, is a very tough, durable, and proven shingle.

* Decra Shingle, is an exceptional metal shingle with a great 50 year ‘’transferable’’ warranty.

* Standing Seam, is a beautiful concealed fastener metal roofing system.


* MR System, is a metal roof restoration system.

* Single Ply Membrane System

* A Complete Fabric Reinforcement System

* Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Insulation System

No hot torches on the roof. No potential fires.

We can apply a couple different insulation systems on commercial roofs which will help tremendously on cooling and heating cost, with-out the hassle of disrupting the interior of the building. 

Retardant roofing systems differ depending on preferred roofing system.

We proudly provide all commercial roofing needs with Conklin Roofing Products!

Conklin has a 40 plus years of proven record of integrity and great value, and stand behind their warranty.

Warranties differ depending on the preferred roofing system, but up to 25 year pro-rated warranties. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate at all to reach out. 

..if your roof is already leaking - I personally feel responsible. Let’s get that taken care of for you.

For your sake, there is no reason that you should have to worry about getting your home or business wet and destroyed.

 And you shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re going to be able to get ahold of your roofer again. 

Thank you for choosing, TEAM 500 Roofing LLC.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Willie Plank

940 595 6266

Licensed & Insured

P.S. There are more helpful services coming in the future. 

TEAM500 Roofing LLC